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Balearic Recipes and much more!
September 07, 2006

After some time - you must excuse us, but we've been pretty busy lately - our newsletter is back, and it comes packed with new things added to our site!

It's exciting to us, because it's our first newsletter for nearly 7 months. I must say that we've been working pretty hard collecting new content for our site, and developing new features that will help you enjoy more of spanish recipes. Just keep reading, and you'll find out!

We've turned 5,000!

That's perhaps the most exciting thing that has happened in the last months! While we were preparing the new content, subscribers' headcount has grown to over 5,000 members. Phew!

It has been terrible pressure, for we wanted to send you this new issue, but everything seemed to go terribly slow... And finally here it is!

However, the only thing we can say right now about this is: THANK YOU! To have the confidence of more than 5,000 people all over the world is such a great responsibility! But we love it and love to have so much attention from all of you, and will make all we can to help you enjoy Spanish Recipes.

Once again THANK YOU!

The forum is open!!!

One of the things we've tried to improve on our site has been interactivity. We had the feeling that our site was quite 'static', so to speak, and that communication just went in one direction, so we've decided to set up a forum, where you'll be able to share your thoughts, ask for advice, request new recipes, and many other things, not only with us, but also with other people interested in spanish recipes.

So we've set up this new forum, and it's already open to all of you, just click here to access it!

NB: you can access it without any kind of restriction, but if you want to post a message, it will ask you to login. Just click on 'Create new login' to do it, it's automatic and it's designed to keep out spam from the forum. Don't you worry about your personal data, it will only be used in the context of this forum, and will be protected from any other use.

Spanish Regional Recipes

Spain is composed of many diferent regions, each one with its own traditions, and particular food products. This diversity is represented by distinctive recipes, that take most advantage from them.

We believe that this richness and variety of gastronomic culture could not go unnoticed to all of us interested in spanish recipes, so we've decided to create a series (that is going to last for more than a year), in which we'll present you the best recipes from all the spanish regions.

In order to do so, every month we're going to review the particular recipes of every region in Spain, and this month we're proud to present you the first in this series: Balearic Islands.

The gastronomy from Majorca, Menorca, EivissaˇIbiza* and Formentera is comprised of many delectable and pleasurable dishes. The cuisine takes full advantage of the islands' resources and the many cultures which have passed through the archipelago over the years have left their mark: many different civilisations (Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, French, English...). See the full article, by clicking here.

You can also read more on the Balearic Islands on the following article:.

What's next?

As we said earlier, we're planning to dedicate the following months to each one of the spanish regions, and its own gastronomy and culture. So, in the following issues of this newsletter you'll find the following:

  • October 2006: Basque country recipes
  • November 2006: Asturias & Cantabria recipes
  • December 2006: Obviously, it will be our Christmas special!

So stay tuned to our newsletter and keep enjoying Spanish Recipes!

Kind regards,

Jordi Vallés

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