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September 01, 2004

First of all, I would like to welcome you to the first issue of our newsletter!

What can you find on this e-mail? Basically, all new things added to our website...

OK, I'm not taking any longer in introductions, here come the newest additions to our site:

New recipes

We've added some new recipes to our collection, but you can still find the best gazpacho, tapas, paella and sangria recipes at!

  • Meatballs in tomato sauce: found in most tapas bars, this traditional dish tastes best when served piping hot straight from the pan. Provide plenty of fresh bread to mop up the juicy tomato sauce.
  • Catalan-style Paella with Monkfish: hailing from Cataluña, this paella features monkfish, which has gained in popularity in recent years. Prepared and cooked correctly, monkfish tastes like lobster. Here, the subtle flavor and tenderness of the monkfish add the perfect accents to the plump, juicy rice. A chilled white wine is the perfect accompaniment to this seafood paella.

New links

These are the new links added to our site! But you can find many more on our recipe links section!

  • That's our sister site. Marinadeli offers you the best spanish recipes plus recipes from all over the Mediterranean. Enjoy the Mediterranean diet with!
  • The smartest art you'll ever own! Offering an Herbal Remedies Chart, Vitamin & Mineral Chart, and Nutritious Pregnancy Chart. These gorgeous charts make staying healthy simple.
  • California Wine Tours and Accessories will help you become more confident with the rewarding, yet often intimidating subject of California Wine. Have you ever been overwhelmed by the prospect of selecting the right wine at a restaurant or market? The vast majority of us have been in these shoes at one time or another. With all the different regions, varietals, and other variables, it is difficult to make informed decisions.
  • Great Cooking Made Easy has a mission and that is to kick the phrase “I can’t cook” out of the door. You are going to revel in the fantastic pleasure of being able to honestly say “I’M A GREAT COOK”. Not only that but I will work hard to make your cooking fun and easy.
  • Art Decor Western 's Blue Adobe Gallery is committed to presenting our clients with unique Southwestern foods, sauces and gift items for the home and ranch. Whether you are looking for yourself, or for "giving" ideas - you have come to the right place for quality goods you won't find anywhere else!
  • Well, if recipes for chile peppers and hot sauces is what you are searching for, this is the place to be. At, Chef Jay will introduce you to many different ways to create magnificent meals with chile peppers.

New books

We've added some excellent cookbooks to our selection! Just check our cookbooks' section!

cover Tapas: The Little Dishes of Spain

Tapas are more than savory appetizers. "They represent a style of eating and way of life," says Penelope Casas, whose Tapas: the Little Dishes of Spain presents more than 300 recipes for the mouth-watering morsels. "So very Spanish, yet adaptable to America," she says, "they cross the line into what we think of as first course or main course dishes."

In chapters such as Tapas in Sauce; Marinades, Patés, Salads, and Other Cold Tapas; and Tapas with Bread or Pastry, Casas provides a definitive selection of the traditional Spanish bar food--dishes to pass out at a gathering, to serve on a buffet, or to make a party of. Readers wishing an introduction to this versatile food, and the culinary culture in which it thrives, will want this bestselling book.

The recipe array is vast. Sauce or ragout-like tapas include Shrimp and Mushrooms in Almond Sauce, Scallops with Cured Ham and Saffron, and Veal Meatballs in Spicy Chorizo Sauce. Endives Filled with Salmon and Shrimp Melon and Apple Salad are two examples of the many tantalizing cold tapas. Prawns Grilled with Garlic Mayonnaise, Lamb Brochettes, and the Three-Layer Omelet, a mixed-egg and vegetable tortilla, are hot-from-the-stove, show-stopping tapas. Including eight pages of color photos, a glossary of ingredients, menus, and a list of recommended Spanish tapas bars, the book is a complete tapas tour. Cooks at all skill levels will find dozens of these tasty little morsels to make and enjoy. --Arthur Boehm

cover My Kitchen in Spain: 225 Authentic Regional Recipes

Spanish food is, sadly, often overlooked by cooks who find themselves more immediately drawn to Italian and French cuisine. With any luck, Janet Mendel's My Kitchen in Spain will reverse the trend. A collection of 225 authentic regional Spanish recipes, the book offers a wide range of classic dishes with origins ranging from seaside villages to metropolitan tapas bars. Andalusia-based Mendel bills herself a "food foreign correspondent" and does in fact bring a keen reportorial eye, as well as a cook's discrimination, to the task of translating Spanish food for her readers. Savory recipes for the likes of Chicken in Almond Sauce, Moorish Lamb Stew with Prunes, and Orange-Glazed Pork Tenderloins reveal her ability to provide authoritative yet approachable versions of delicious regional fare.

Following a scene-setting discussion of life in her "home" village, Mendel proceeds to tapas, including wine-bar staples like Fried Stuffed Mussels, Sizzling Shrimp with Garlic, and Crispy Potatoes with Hot Sauce. A standout chapter on gazpacho and other soups introduces White Gazpacho with Grapes and a hot winter gazpacho flavored with bitter orange--dishes that reveal the flexible character of this largely unexplored dish. Paella, a much bastardized dish, receives its due with authentic versions, including one made with pasta in place of the usual rice; and seafood, including Spain's much-beloved salt cod, is treated enticingly in dishes like Mackerel in Oregano Marinade and Sea Bass with Saffron Sauce. Country breads and sweets, including convent specialties like the meringues called Nun's Sighs, are also present. With informative sidebars, cooking tips, and evocative notes, My Kitchen in Spain is the place to begin a true Spanish culinary conquest. --Arthur Boehm

Ok, that was it! We'll be sending you further news in a couple of weeks!

Best regards,

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