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The recipes provided by are a few among a vast number of delicious spanish dishes. In this section, you will be able to find many more in our selection of books.

Spain... A Culinary Road TripMario Batali and Mark Bittman along with Gwyneth Paltrow and the Spanish actress Claudia Bassols take the ultimate road trip adventure, showcasing the pleasures of Spain and the country's regional cuisine. More than seventy recipes from Mario appear in this scrapbook of the dream vacation through Spain.

The Spanish KitchenEnglish food writer Clarissa Hyman's latest book, The Spanish Kitchen, gives you the best of both worlds: a beautifully illustrated cookbook with stunning illustrations worthy of any coffee table; and a cookbook that is so well written, it will serve as an authoritative resource book for anyone who would like to learn more about the fresh, approachable food of Spain.

The Heart of Spain: Families and FoodLa Tienda founder, Don Harris gives you a unique look at the food, people and soul of Spain. Whether you are from Spain or just love the country and her food, you will find this book a delight. Beautifully designed, the 239 page book includes over 100 color photographs.

The Food of SpainWritten by James Beard award-winning author Claudia Roden, an authority on Mediterranean and North African cooking, The Food of Spain is one of the best, and most comprehensive, cookbooks about Spanish cuisine published in recent years. Containing hundreds of classic Spanish recipes, The Food of Spain is an excellent resource for fans of Spanish and Mediterranean cooking as well serious chefs and home cooks.

Rustica CookbookChef and restauranteur Frank Camorra returns to his native Spain to rediscover the foundations of his childhood cuisine. Steeped in tradition, and a resourcefulness born from a subsistence culture, the food of Spain is simplicity in its finest form, using seasonal ingredients grown locally, creating a rustic dinner table that continues to resonate.

Paella! Spectacular Rice Dishes from Spain:  'Paella!' will bring fresh new dimensions to the great rice dish you have enjoyed in the past. Includes 58 unique recipes and in-depth information on this most Spanish of dishes.

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