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Christmas Spanish Recipes
December 06, 2005

Welcome back at Spain Recipes' Newsletter!

This issue of our newsletter is completely devoted to Christmas! Hohoho! ;-)

Christmas time is here once again, and it's time to discover Christmas in Spain. To help you do so, we've prepared some interesting content that will help you enjoy an extraordinary Spanish Christmas experience!

New articles & Recipes

  • Christmas Spanish Recipes:The turkey, the true culinary symbol of Christmas, is giving way to the capon, the pularda, the guinea-fowl and other foreign products that are conquering Spanish tables. Find out what's on spanish tables during Christmas!
  • Set your Christmas Table: Need some help setting your christmas table? We give you some interesting tips!
  • Using up your Christmas leftovers: Once Christmas is over, you end up with lots of leftover food... Will you just bin it? Nope! Learn how to finish off with them and have fun!
  • Spanish Christmas Sweets: Spain's gastronomic wealth comes to its pinnacle at Christmas time. It is a time for parties and celebrations, and also for big meals with, of course, typical Christmas sweets. These are exquisite, traditional recipes, many of which have centuries of history - something not to be missed at this time of year.
  • Escudella: Escudella means "bowl," and in Catalonia it is the name of a big stew-soup, escudella i carn d'olla, usually made for Christmas. The rustic taste of this stew is evident in the bones and feet, whose gelatin give such an unctuousness to the dish, and in the rough vegetables such as cabbage and turnips that were so common in the mountains and hills.
  • Turron: The typical Christmas dessert has been added to our Spanish Ingredient Directory. Find out more on this sweet wonder and forget about diets until January!

Gift Ideas

This time of the year is about sharing with your friends and family. Then why not sharing with them your passion for Spanish cooking and culture? Check out our selection!

  • Christmas in Spain Gift Basket

    This tempting gift basket is overflowing with the very best of unique Spanish holiday treats. From traditional shortbread cakes to Spain's super thick hot chocolate, these products are an ideal way to share the warmth of Spain with family and friends this holiday season.
    Included are:

    • Mantecados and Polvorones Chirstmas cake sampler. These traditional treats have been made by hand since 1860. Great for breakfast or dessert with a cup of hot Spanish coffee.
    • Chocolate a la Taza by Valor, a Tienda favorite! Just break off a few squares and melt them into simmering milk. You will have the most incredible thick creamy hot chocolate you have ever tasted.
    • A generous bar of Alicante turrón (almond brittle) made of 70% Marcona almonds, bound together with orange blossom honey. It is made by hand in the kitchens of 1880, makers of the finest Christmas candy since the 18th century.
    • Another gourmet turron bar, this time a soft Jijona, also made by 1880.
    • A sampler of gourmet Spanish cookies in a decorative box.
    • Santa Teresa traditional membrillo quince preserve - the best in Spain!
  • Traditional Paella Kit with 'PAELLA' Cookbook - Packed in Gift Box

    This kit has all the tools you need to start cooking, and the book, Paella, Spectacular Rice Dishes from Spain by Penelope Casas, gives you great instructions and recipes on how to complete this delicious Spanish dish. We have prepared a very special gift for lovers of classic paella from Spain. This Paella Set includes:

    • Calasparra Rice (2.2 lbs.) - the venerable strain grown in the mountains of Murcia;
    • Hand picked select grade Saffron (0.035 oz);
    • The celebrated pimenton de La Vera smoked paprika (2.47 oz) which adds depth to your broth;
    • All natural fire roasted Piquillo peppers (7.9 oz) from Lodosa - scarce as they are flavorful;
    • Shrimp bouillon adds to the flavor, and
    • A bottle of excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    All of these ingredients are placed within a premium quality traditional 15-inch paella pan made of steel with riveted handles. Recipe included.

  • Deluxe Tapas Gift Box plus 'Tapas' Cookbook

    Tapas have been a tradition for centuries in Spain; why not introduce them to your friends and family with this beautiful gift box! They are no effort to serve, just slice up the ingredients and you are ready to go. And this collection is non-perishable, so the box can be gift wrapped and stored at room temperature.

    This box will serve 10 people. It holds:

    • a package of imported sliced Serrano ham;
    • one mild chorizo imported from La Rioja;
    • one hot chorizo imported from La Rioja;
    • a 1 pound Cantimpalo chorizo for immediate slicing;
    • a salchichón sausage --similar to Spanish chorizo, but without the smoked paprika;
    • three jars of premium olives (mixed, cracked and anchovy stuffed);
    • a jar of premium Marcona almonds -- unique to Spain, they are truly the best almonds in the world.
    • a jar of fire-roasted piquillo peppers from Lodosa;
    • Plus a hand painted ceramic platter for serving

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Feliz Navidad!

Jordi Vallés

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