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St. Valentine's Day in Spain
February 05, 2006

Here we come again with our newsletter. This time, we've prepared a selection of spanish recipes for that special day: St. Valentine's!

We have selected some recipes that will help you enjoy this special date with the one you love most, spanish-style. So, check them out, prepare the candles, the nicely arranged table, and get ready for a night to remember!

St. Valentine's Day in Spain

St. Valentine's day is not a traditional Spanish celebration, but during the last years it has become more and more popular, and many Spaniards are celebrating it. As in many other countries, Valentine's traditions include making presents to the one you love, and - quite obviously being in Spain - a romantic dinner.

There are no customary recipes on St. Valentine's dinners, but Spanish people tend to favor mild, aromatic tastes, sometimes with an exotic touch. To Spaniards, a romantic diner is often the prelude of a night to remember.

An Spanish menu for St. Valentine's

If you're planning to celebrate this special evening at home, and you want to impress your partner with an special dinner, we've selected some recipes that we believe will make this night really special for both of you. Being Spain a land of contrasts, our selection includes meat and fish recipes, so you can tailor your menu to your own preferences.

The starters

In Spain, seafood is believed to have aphrodisiacal properties, so in Spain is very common to start with Gambas a la plancha (pan-grilled shrimp), with a glass of chilled fino sherry.

Another option, if you prefer something softer and less traditional could be the Endive salad with Cabrales cheese and oranges, where the incredible northern blue cheese of Cabrales meets the freshness of Valencia's oranges. A glass of txacolí (a white wine with some spark that comes from the Basque country) would be perfect for this salad.

Main Courses

As main course, we've selected a couple of recipes, each one with its own personality and character:

The deserts and...

The perfect way to end this dinner - not this celebration - is a typical Spanish dessert, for example, a flan (try adding some freshly squeezed orange juice to it if you want a really special taste), a tocinillo de cielo, or much better, some Spanish chocolate treats, like the fig bonbons.

Of course, with the dessert - and what might come afterwards - would be a great idea opening a bottle of Spanish cava, like the Segura Viudas Brut Reserva Heredad.

Gift ideas

If you plan to make an special present to that special someone, a good idea would be to pamper him/her with a Spanish Gift basket:

Chocolate & Cava Wine Gift Basket
  • 'Piedras' chocolate covered almonds dusted with cocoa powder.
  • Dark chocolate covered 'Cigarillos de Tolosa' butter cookies are made with cane sugar and real butter.
  • Rich dark roasted chocolate by Blanxart puts all other chocolate bars to shame.
  • Tender baby figs stuffed with chocolate liquer and coated with dark chocolate - a delight!
  • The crowning touch is an example of one of the world's great sparkling wines: cava from Catalonia. It is a crisp dry sparkling wine that is the perfect with artisanal chocolates.
Cava Wine & Fig Bon Bon Gift Basket
  • Tender baby figs stuffed with chocolate liquer and coated with dark chocolate - a delight!
  • Cava from Catalonia.
Hot Chocolate & Mugs Gift Basket

Share the richest, most decadent hot chocolate in the world with someone special. Also included two extra large hand-painted mugs. These works of art will soon become your favorite coffee or hot-chocolate mugs. All packed in a natural basket. The ceramics are food-safe and lead-free.

Have a nice St. Valentine's day with the one you love!

Kind regards,

Jordi Vallés

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