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Spain Recipes' Summer Special #2
August 01, 2005

Welcome back at Spain Recipes' Newsletter!

This month we've been working quite a lot! A huge amount of new content has been added since our last newsletter back in early July.

We know that summertime is probably the best season to enjoy the benefits of a REAL spanish experience, so we've worked very hard to deliver you tons an tons of new ideas related to spanish culture and gastronomy...

So, to make long things short - and make your reading easier - in this issue we will just outline the main additions to our page, basically new articles and recipes. We're also introducing a new section: Work in Progress, where we'll present you with the next additions to our page, so you know in advance what you will get in the next months...

I'm not going to take any more time, just keep on reading and enjoy your spanish experience!

New articles added

There are thousands of different things to do in Spain, either in summertime or in any other season. We've selected a couple of them and collected quite a lot of information for you to get the most of your stay in Spain. Check them out and discover what's out and about in Spain!

  • Spanish Coasts & Beaches: Costa Brava, Costa del Sol, Costa Verde, Costa da Morte, the Balearic Coast, and the Canarian Coast are some of the coasts that form the Spanish littoral. Discover the best of spanish coasts and beaches in this article.
  • Golfing in Spain: for all of you golfers, did you know that Spain's probably one of the golfers' paradise? Discover the endless possibilities of golfing in Spain by reading this article!

New recipes

It's time to experiment new recipes! New flavours, unusual combinations will help you discover new possibilities with spanish cooking. Just check our new recipe selection, and you'll be gladly surprised...

  • Red Onion and Orange Salad This popular and colorful salad lends a festive note to any tapas table, and is featured in many tapas bar throughout Spain.
  • Asparagus Omelette Although this unique omelette is usually served from the skillet, it is also delicious served cold or at room temperature. Indeed, cooled leftovers of this delectable dish with a glass of amontillado sherry make for a perfect picnic lunch.
  • Champiñones al ajillo Few tapas taste more Spanish than champiñones al ajillo (ajillo mushrooms), dripping with olive oil, garlic and dry Spanish Sherry.
  • Apple and Walnut Salad This refreshing, crisp summer salad provides the perfect accompaniment to a glass (or two) of chilled Spanish sherry. For a tangier version, add a dash of lemon juice to the mayonnaise before mixing it into the salad.
  • Ajo Blanco Ajo Blanco, a white version of gazpacho, is believed to have originated with the Moors. If a silkier texture is desired, try soaking the blanched almonds in milk before processing. This will enhance the soup's delicate creaminess.
  • Oriental Gazpacho This dish demonstrates how each chef can put his own unique stamp on a gazpacho recipe. This particular gazpacho has distinctively Eastern undercurrents, as evidenced by the use of soy sauce, lo mein noodles, and rice vinegar. Not surprisingly, this blending of cultures yields delicious results!
  • Citrus Sangria This zesty sangria is specially refreshing thanks to the orange, lemon, and lime. Tangy and sweet, this drink tastes just like summer.
  • Sangria Clara White sangria may seem more pure than the original red version, but it is every bit as potent. Here, the fresh mint leaves infuse the sangria with an unforgettable zesty freshness.
  • Fruity Sangria This simple sangria requires some patience, but minimal effort. If served at a party, guests will delight in nibbling on the wine-flavored apple and pear chunks remaining in their cups after their sangria has vanished.
  • Cranberry and Strawberry Sangria This playful sangria is sure to become one of your party staples. It is only slightly more tedious to prepare than the other sangrias, but well worth the extra little effort. This fruity, delicious sangria is practically a fiesta in itself but with sangria like this, why wait for the guests?
  • Chilled Paella Curry: This paella recipe demonstrates how the dish may succesfully use nontraditional ingredients. Here, the rice is made heavier with the generous use of sour cream and mayonnaise, which in turn provide a creamy balance to the artichokes, mushrooms, and stuffed olives. Chicken breast meat has been added for sustenance, and the dish is infused with the exotic taste of curry. Altough this recipe calls for the paella to be served chilled, you may serve it warm if you prefer. The chilled paella, however, makes an excellent picnic lunch.
  • Paella with clams, Serrano Ham, and Chorizo Sausage: Serrano ham is so adored by the Spanish that it is often served on its own, accompained by nothing more than a glass of sherry.
  • Asparagus and Manchego Cheese Paella: With its distinctive, sharp flavor, Manchego Cheese is the most popular sheep's milk cheese in Spain. As its name suggests, Manchego hails from La Mancha, the stomping ground of Cervantes' Don Quixote.

Work in progress...

At Spain Recipes, we don't stop working to deliver you the best from Spanish culture & gastronomy. Currently, we're working on a complete revamp of our Spanish Ingredients section.

Our aim is to make it a really useful directory of Spanish Products, but adding valuable information for those interested in spanish cooking. Work is well advanced, and the first product is already available: our Spanish Ham section.

We believe this new approach will serve you better, but we would like to hear your opinion on this, so comments are welcome at


Jordi Vallés

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