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Spain-recipes, as its name says, is devoted to offer you the best selection of Spanish recipes, along with a careful selection of ingredients to match.

If you're looking for authentic paella recipe, or the real sangria, Spanish tapas, or even the true gazpacho, look no further! You'll be able to find them all on spain-recipes! Is that all? Certainly not. In the Mediterranean area, there is no good meal without its complements: wine, olive oil, ‘tapas’, and so on. All this can also be found at spain-recipes.com, as well as the best cookbooks and kitchenware, in order to provide you with a unique experience in the Mediterranean diet.

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Recent Articles

  1. Esqueixada

    Aug 31, 17 06:20 AM

    Esqueixada is a quintessential Catalan salad. The main ingredient is always cod. Some versions also include green bell peppers; others eliminate the peppers altogether

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  2. Spanish Salads - Ensaladas

    Feb 09, 17 05:26 AM

    DURING THE HOT summer months, Spaniards look forward to their cuisine’s rich array of cold soups and salads.

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  3. Andalusia, a melting pot of cultures and cuisines

    Jun 19, 16 01:15 PM

    The Romans taught the Andalusians how to cultivate wheat and vines and used the fish from the seas to produce the best garum in the empire.

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  4. Pipirrana de Jaén

    Jun 19, 16 01:06 PM

    Pipirrana means “frog’s piss,” and I have no idea how this pleasant salad got that name :)

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  5. Mixed Salad - Ensalada Mixta

    Jun 19, 16 12:55 PM

    Numerous variations on this pleasing salad are found across Spain, with such additions or substitutions as preserved white asparagus or green bell peppers

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  6. Percebes - Gooseneck Barnacles

    Dec 02, 15 02:37 PM

    Tube shaped, as thick as an index finger, and about three inches long, percebes (gooseneck barnacles) grow in clusters on rocks along the coasts of northern Spain and Portugal.

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