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Spain-recipes, as its name says, is devoted to offer you the best selection of Spanish recipes, along with a careful selection of ingredients to match.

If you're looking for authentic paella recipe, or the real sangria, Spanish tapas, or even the true gazpacho, look no further! You'll be able to find them all on spain-recipes! Is that all? Certainly not. In the Mediterranean area, there is no good meal without its complements: wine, olive oil, ‘tapas’, and so on. All this can also be found at spain-recipes.com, as well as the best cookbooks and kitchenware, in order to provide you with a unique experience in the Mediterranean diet.

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Recent Articles

  1. Leche Frita Recipe

    May 19, 15 08:36 AM

    Leche Frita is a traditional spanish dessert, made of milk, flour and eggs

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  2. Hake and clams in salsa verde

    May 19, 15 07:24 AM

    This recipe is one of the front-runners of traditional Basque cooking. Salsa verde appears in many dishes: with clams alone, with monkfish, or with a combination of clams and hake, as in this recipe

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  3. Flao - Cream Cheese Mint Tart

    May 19, 15 07:23 AM

    Flao is similar to American cheesecake, but the use of mint leaves and aniseeds sets it apart and makes it particularly refreshing

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  4. Chile and scallop paella recipe

    May 13, 15 09:45 AM

    This innovative - yet simple - paella recipe combines hot chile flavor with succulent scallops

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  5. Andalusia, a melting pot of cultures and cuisines

    May 13, 15 08:48 AM

    The Romans taught the Andalusians how to cultivate wheat and vines and used the fish from the seas to produce the best garum in the empire.

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  6. Caldereta de langosta (Majorcan lobster stew)

    May 13, 15 08:46 AM

    Caldereta de langosta is the typical lobster stew of Majorca. Although mediterranean lobsters are considered the best for this recipe, american lobsters can still be used with great results

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