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Cocido Maragato - León-Style Chickpea, Meat, and Vegetable Stew

Maragatería is a county in the province of León, well known in Spain for its beautiful medieval architecture and for its cocido maragato.

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Arroz de Ayuno - "Fasting" rice with Salt Cod and Artichokes

One of the legacies of the country’s Catholic heritage, which prohibits the eating of meat on Fridays and during Lent, is the proliferation of salt cod dishes, such as this delightful “fasting” rice.

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Caldo Gallego - White Bean soup with Greens and Meats

Chefs in Galicia usually prepare this soup with many ingredients in multiple pots. But at home, most Gallegos make a straightforward recipe: just one stockpot in which everything is cooked together

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Solomillo de Buey con Salsa de Cabrales - Filet Mignon with Cabrales Sauce

More than two dozen distinct types of cheese are made in Asturias, among them two deservedly celebrated blues, Cabrales and Valdeón. Either one can be used for this quick but elegant beef dish.

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Spanish Christmas menu

We have put together a menu for Christmas Eve dinner, Spanish-style. It has several courses and includes tapas or appetizers, as well as dessert and coffee or after-dinner drinks.

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Escabeche de Pollo de Navidad - Christmas Chicken

This unusual escabeche recipe is prepared in Extremaduran households for Christmas Eve. Although several steps are involved, it is worth the preparation time

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Morteruelo de Cuenca - Hare and Partridge Terrine

Morteruelo is a rich and ancient dish from Cuenca, a province of Castilla– La Mancha, east of Madrid. It is a pâtélike spread of game meats, usually served during winter on toasted bread.

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Arroz con Cebolla Confitada - Rice with Caramelized Onion

Catalans like to mix seafood and meats, and this dish, a specialty of the Bajo Ampurdán area, in Girona Province north of Barcelona, is an excellent example of that tradition.

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Yemas de Santa Teresa - Candied Egg Yolks

These sweet egg yolks are found all over Spain, but they are usually associated with Castile, and especially Ávila, the birthplace of Saint Teresa.

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Patatas a la Importancia

This recipe used to be common in many homes, especially in Madrid, and although many younger families have forgotten about it, patatas a la importancia is still a classic among the older crowd.

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Pisto Manchego

This variation on the classic pisto of La Mancha (is beloved across Spain, and even though it departs from the recipe of old, Don Quixote would probably still approve.

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Salsa de tomate - Tomato Sauce

My life would not be the same without a large container of salsa de tomate always in the refrigerator. With it on hand, I can put together a dish in no time.

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Vieiras en su Concha - Broiled Scallops

Scallops are common in Galicia and are typically sold in the shell. In the United States, scallops in the shell are far less common, but you can buy just the shells at many cookware shops

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Alubias Rojas de Tolosa - Tolosa's Red Bean Stew

The dried red beans of Tolosa are particularly flavorful and thus highly prized. If you should visit Tolosa, seek out one of the numerous restaurants there that serves this red bean stew

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Cabello de ángel - Spanish Pumpkin preserve

The long, yellow fibers inside a pumpkin likely account for the name of this preserve, cabello de ángel, or “angel’s hair.”

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