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Navarra, the taste is found in variety

It is said that taste is found in variety and of all Spanish regions, the Autonomous Region of Navarra has the most varied landscape.

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Ajo Blanco

A white version of gazpacho, made with almonds and garlic. One of the most refreshing starters you can find on Spanish Cuisine...

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Spanish Orange Cake

Orange cake is a typical recipe from Valencia, where the best oranges are produced. Orange cake is very easy to prepare, and will become an instant success when you offer it to your family or guests!

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Castilla-Leon, modern cuisine, roasts and much more

Castilla-Leon is the largest of the Spanish Autonomous Regions. It is comprised of nine provinces which share flavours and tastes but conserve their own traditions

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Gildas (Anchovy, olive and guindilla skwewers)

Gilda means lollipop, and the classic Gilda is a simple assembly of a guindilla (Spanish chile pepper), an anchovy and an olive

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Habas a la Catalana (Catalan Beans)

Habas are a traditional type of spanish bean, that catalan chefs (after their granmothers cookbook!) have turn into one of the greatest tapas nowadays!

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Empanada de Manzana (Spanish Apple pie)

Though empanadas are most often thought of as savory pies, they can also be made of fruits and served as a dessert or for merienda (teatime)

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Tarta de Santiago (St. James' Cake)

Tarta de Santiago is a traditional cake from northern Spain. it is dense and rich in flavor and is well-known Spain as a delectable treat used to lure passers-by into restaurants or cafés

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Spanish Seafood Recipes

The long coastline of Spain, combined with the two archipelagos, the Balearics and the Canaries, ensures that fresh fish and shellfish are ubiquitous elements of the Spanish table.

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Murcia, the market garden of Spain

The Region of Murcia serves authentic Mediterranean cooking: cereals, vegetables and olive oil are the base of this cuisine, which finds its source of inspiration in the market garden...

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Dorada a la sal (Gilt-head bream in salt crust)

Dorada is usually prepared by baking in a salt crust. Most spanish food experts believe the method originated in Murcia, but is also common in Andalusia

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Balearic recipes

The gastronomy from Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera is comprised of many delectable and pleasurable dishes.

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Spanish Vegetable Recipes

Eggplants, zucchini, asparagus, and other vegetables, whether cooked alone or as part of a more elaborate dis, are typically served as a first course in Spain

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Stuffed Eggplants (Berenjenas Rellenas)

The eggplants grown on Majorca are smaller than those from the mainline and are pretty purple, lighter than the eggplants commonly seen in the United States.

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Cocido Madrileño Recipe

Cocido Madrileño - or simply cocido - is probably one of Spain's national dishes. Cocido is based on a vast cauldron, which simmers away all day, hardly bubbling.

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