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Tocinillo de cielo - A heavenly spanish dessert...

Tocinillo de cielo (Heaven's little pig) is one of the most surprising desserts of the Spanish gastronomy. We could compare it, in sweet version, with the potato tortilla.

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Barbecued Mini Ribs

These tasty ribs are known as Costillas in Spain. They are delicious cooked on a barbecue and almost as good when cooked under a hot grill.

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Crisp Shrimp Fritters

I have eaten these crisp, delicious shrimp fritters only in Andalusia, where deep-frying reigns supreme. They are at their best when made with chickpea flour, but regular flour is just OK

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Zarangollo recipe

Zarangollo, a simple dish, which combines the ubiquitous zucchini of Murcia with onions, is a favorite of Murcian cooks, who prepare it both with and without eggs

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Torrijas Recipe

Torrijas are a kind of bread pudding, traditionally eaten on Easter in Spain.

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Suquet (Catalan seafood stew)

Suquet is the diminutive form of suc, or juice, in Catalan, which means that this wonderfully flavored dish is more correctly called juicy fish stew

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Red Paella recipe

A filling yet light version of spanish paella, made of clams, red pepper and shrimp

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Paella Pans

If you want to prepare a paella, and you don't know which kitchenware, we show you everything you need to prepare a succesful paella!

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Mussel Pancakes

Galician mussels are the best in the world and this simple recipe shows them off perfectly. The thin crêpes are related to the ones made in Brittany, which shares the same Celtic culture

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Mero a la Mallorquina (Grouper with vegetables)

When a fish is prepared a la mallorquina you know that it will be cooked with a variety of vegetables piled on top. Mero (grouper) can be replaced by any lean, white fish

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Menestra de Verduras Recipe

Menestra is one of the irreplaceable dishes of Navarra cuisine. Menestra can be served as a side dish to fish or meat, or as a main course in its own

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Manchego Cheese

Manchego is the most famous cheese in Spain. This has made it possible today for an important cheese industry to develop, which maintains handcrafted production of the cheese

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Mahon Cheese

Also known as 'Minorcan' cheese, this fresh cheese is made on the Balearic Islands with raw or pasteurised cow's milk from the Frisian, 'Mahonesa' or 'Minorcan', and/or the Alpine Brown breeds.

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Leche Frita Recipe

Leche Frita is a traditional spanish dessert, made of milk, flour and eggs

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Hake and clams in salsa verde

This recipe is one of the front-runners of traditional Basque cooking. Salsa verde appears in many dishes: with clams alone, with monkfish, or with a combination of clams and hake, as in this recipe

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