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Almond Ice Cream

Whether served with ensaimadas or alone, this ice cream makes a perfect dessert.

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Baked rice (Arroz al horno)

Baked rice is typical of home-cooking in the Marina Alta comarca in Alicante province--although you find slightly different versions all over Levante.

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The Canary Islands, exquisite cuisine under the sun

The Spanish often refer to the Canary Islands as the Islas Afortunadas as the sun shines practically throughout the year.

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Asturias: a natural and culinary paradise

Asturias is a magnificent natural sea, mountain and country paradise with a very diverse environment.

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Spanish Regional Cuisine - A cook's tour of Spain

Spanish regional cuisine is a testament of the country's variety of landscapes, climate, and products. From north to south, east to west taste flows wherever you go

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Marmitako (Fresh Tuna and Potato Stew)

Marmita translates as 'pot' or 'casserole' in Basque, while the suffix ko is the genitive case, so that marmitako literally means 'from the pot'.

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Castilla la Mancha, Quixote cuisine

Located almost in the centre of mainland Spain, Castilla la Mancha recipes are a very appreciated discovery for the traveller

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Brazo de gitano

This recipe is from my grandmother. She used to prepare it on special occasions, and all the family gathered to enjoy it. Despite it has an small amount of liquor (rum), it's ok for kids

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Aragon, a developing cuisine

The Autonomous Region of Aragon has inherited its rich gastronomy from the different cultures which have passed through the region over the centuries.

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Escalivada Recipe

Catalonians eat this dish as a first course or as an accompaniment to meats.

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How healthy is olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is a natural juice full of flavor and aroma, with high vitamin A, D, K and E content

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Spanish wine

Spain is an ancient wine-producing country and produces nearly as much wine as the number-one and number-two wine producers in the world: Italy and France

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Cocido Madrileño Recipe

Cocido Madrileño - or simply cocido - is probably one of Spain's national dishes. Cocido is based on a vast cauldron, which simmers away all day, hardly bubbling.

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Flan de Fresas - Strawberry Flan

This rich dessert is a variation of the traditional Spanish dessert called 'Flan'. Instead of vanilla, this flan is flavored with fresh strawberries

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Córdoba: the sultana

Cordovan cuisine masterfully combines the excellent local produce with meats and fish, always fresh despite the fact that Córdoba has no coast. It is brought daily, the best and freshest.

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