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Spanish Vegetable Recipes

Cardoons, swiss chard, eggplants, zucchini, asparagus, and other vegetables, whether cooked alone or as part of a more elaborate presentation, are typically served as a first course in Spain, rather than as an accompaniment to a main course.

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Boquerones en Escabeche

This is an old, old way of preserving small fish which has survived into modern times because it is so delicious. The coast round Nerja is known for its shoals of fresh anchovies. In Malaga the fish are pressed together into a little fan, four tails together, for frying, but this is not essential to the recipe.

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Sherry Kidneys

Most tapas bars in Spain serve Sherry kidneys, though at home it can be served with rice or pasta as a main meal. You can add sliced mushrooms to increase the number of portions.

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Pinchitos Morunos - Small Spicy Moorish Kebabs

Europe's first kebabs were brought by the Arabs from Africa. Pinchitos morunos are eaten everywhere in Spain as a tapa, though nowadays they are made of pork, rather than lamb. Spices for them are sold ready-mixed in the south. I have used curry powder as part of my mixture as it contains cumin and very similar herbs.

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White sangria recipe

A different white sangria, soft and a perfect complement for your parties

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Spain-recipes bookstore

The recipes provided by are a few amongst a vast number of delicious spanish dishes. In this section, you will be able to find many more in our selection of books.

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Gazpacho recipes

Gazpacho is a cold vegetable soup, often defined as a liquid salad, most indicated for the hottest days of summer. Check our selection of recipes and find out how spaniards fight the summer heat!

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Gildas (Anchovy, olive and guindilla sticks)

Gilda means lollipop, and the classic Gilda is a simple assembly of a guindilla (Spanish chile pepper), an anchovy and an olive.

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The authentic gazpacho recipe

This is the original spanish gazpacho recipe. A cold vegetable soup that will cool you down on summer lunches

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Piperada (basque-style eggs)

Piperada is a filling egg dish, which makes a delicious brunch, and it can also be served as a tapa. A popular variation of this recipe serves the piperada on toasted bread rounds dripping with butter. Either way, this simple egg dish is sure to become a part of your culinary repertoire.

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A classic tapa! Patatas bravas - Crisp spiced potatoes

Along with the spanish omelette, patatas bravas is one of the most demanded tapa in any bar in Spain. Just try this hot and spicy appetizer!

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Pa amb oli

Pa amb oli means bread with olive oil in Majorcan, and it is as commonly eaten in the Balearic Islands as pa amb tomàquet is in Catalonia. But while the Majorcan usually add the tomato to their bread and then the olive oil, most Catalans do the reverse. Both preparations can be served as breakfast, as a snack at any time, or as an accompaniment to lunch or dinner. As with pa amb tomàquet, this recipe can be embellished with a topping of jamón serrano, anchovies, or cheese.

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Asparagus Omelette

Although this unique omelette is usually served from the skillet, it is also delicious served cold or at room temperature.

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Spain Recipes Blog

If you want to stay in touch daily with the best spanish recipes, and learn all about spanish culture and gastronomy, check out our Spain Recipes Blog.

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Red Onion and Orange Salad

This popular and colorful salad lends a festive note to any tapas table, and is featured in many tapas bar throughout Spain.

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Champinones al ajillo (Ajillo mushrooms)

This one is a classic tapa! Have it with some sherry or beer, and you'll learn what can be found on authentic spanish tapas bars.

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Apple and Walnut Salad Recipe

This refreshing salad makes the perfect tapa for summer time. Have it with a glass of sherry and it'll relieve your spirit in those hot summer nights!

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Garlic-marinated Black olives

Marinated to piquant perfection, these olives are far from ordinary. To fully develop the flavor of garlic in the recipe, it is best to allow the olives to marinate for at least several days.

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Tuna and Goat Cheese Empanadillas

Surprising, yet traditional, empanadilla recipe

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Meatballs in tomato sauce

Meatballs in tomato sauce are a traditional tapa recipe from Spain

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Habas a la Catalana (Catalan Beans)

Habas are a traditional type of spanish bean, that catalan chefs (after their granmothers cookbook!) have turn into one of the greatest tapas nowadays!

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Green Asparagus with Salmon

This is an innovative tapa with fresh ingredients: salmon and green asparagus... Healthy and full of flavor!

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The authentic spanish omelette recipe

This is the real spanish omelette recipe. Tortilla de patatas is the most famous tapa in Spain, and you'll be able to find it in almost every bar!

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Spanish Croquettes (Croquetas de Jamón)

Spanish Ham Croquettes are a common sight on bar counters and in homes across Spain, served as a tapa, light lunch, or a dinner along with a salad. The jamon serrano in this recipe could be replaced with chopped hard-boiled eggs, shredded salt cod, minced shrimp, chopped chorizo, cheese, or just about any vegetable.

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Ensaladilla Rusa (Spanish Potato Salad)

Ensaladilla rusa is a typical tapa, most suitable for warm days, and an excelent for kids! This traditional tapa is served throughout every region of Spain, with little variation. A poorly made version will taste like a mouthful of mayonnaise. On the other hand, a well-made ensaladilla rusa is a perfectly balanced mixture of potatoes, hard-cooked eggs, and vegetables, using the mayonnaise solely to accent these other flavors. This colorful salad is served at nearly every tapas bar; it is even served free at times with an order of beer.

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Gambas a la plancha

Spaniards love to eat grilled shrimp at the counter of a good tapas bar while sipping a glass of chilled fino sherry or cold beer. The bars are often crowded, leaving little or no space for proper eating, and I find it fascinating to watch the locals skillfully manage to eat shrimp with one hand while holding a drink in the other.

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Rice-stuffed Peppers (Pimientos rellenos de arroz)

The rice to fill these stuffed peppers, which are typical of the mountain towns of Alcoy and Bocairent, cooks in the sweet juices from the tomato and pepper

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Pulpo a Feira - Galician Octopus

Though it originated in Galicia or the neighboring region of Leon, pulpo a feira, as it is known in Galician, or pulpo a la gallega, as it is called in Spanish, is now popular throughout Spain. It is usually served on wooden plates with cachelos, potatoes that have been boiled or roasted in embers with their skins on.

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Mussels Vinaigrette (Mejillones en vinagreta)

Steamed mussels are dressed with a flavorful vinaigrette in this colorful tapa. It is an ideal treat for a party or any event with lots of people attending.

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Bread with Mushrooms and Alioli

This tapa recipe comes from a bar in Madrid. I used to jog around the Retiro and then eat these tostadas washed down with a nice cold beer! When I serve this recipe at a party, it is always the first to go!

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Empanadas, bread pies stuffed with shellfish, fish or meats, are iconic of Galician cuisine. The crusts and fillings vary from place to place, and nearly every Galician family, restaurant, and tavern claims to have the secret formula for making the best version. Of the many empanadas I have tasted in this beautiful northwestern region, these ones are my favorites - their crust is consistently delicate and delicious.

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Stuffed mussels (Tigres)

In Bilbao, these stuffed mussels are called Tigres because of their fieriness.

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Artichokes with clams

Artichokes are a popular vegetable in Spain, especially fresh from the market. They are often served sauteed with ham or stuffed with white sauce and ham or meat, etc. Sometimes served cold, they combine well with anchovies and piquillo peppers, or with salmon and capers, or tuna fish with a good olive oil.

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Smoked Fish and Fruit Pintxos

Smoked fish and fresh fruit make a perfect match when combined in this recipe and served as an appetizer. Smoked salmon is now ubiquitous in Spain, particularly in the cities. Less evidence is traditional bacalao (salt cod), for which smoked mackerel is a substitute here

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Prawn and Bacon Brochettes

The Spanish love bacon, which we cure and air-dry in the same way as our famous jamon. This combination of prawns and bacon is inspired and very popular, and can be found at most Tapas bar, as well as in many banquets and receptions.

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Prawn Croquettes (Croquetas de gambas)

Croquetas are ubiquitous in Spain, although they most likely originate from the French 'croquettes'. Their beauty lies in the bechamel base which is then mixed with your particular ingredient of choice to give it a characteristic flavor. The possibilities are almost endless - here we have used prawns.

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Artichoke rice cakes with manchego cheese

These unusual little croquetas contain artichoke in the rice mixture, and they break open to reveal a melting cheese centre. Manchego is made from sheep's milk and has a tart flavor that goes wonderfully with the delicate taste of the rice cakes.

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Salt Cod Fritters with Allioli

Bacalao - salt cod - is one of the great Spanish delights, adding flavor to bland ingredients such as potatoes. If you are unfamiliar with it, then this is a delightful way to try it out. Bitesize fish cakes, dipped into rich, creamy, garlicky allioli, are irresistible as a tapas dish or appetizer.

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Stuffed Tomatoes

This one is a simple recipe, very handy when preparing a barbeque or a picnic party. Tomatoes here are used as a container for a delicious Spanish stuffing. If you don't like garlic, you can use plain mayonnaise instead of allioli (typical spanish garlic mayonnaise).

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Spiced Clams

Spanish clams, specially in the North, are much larger than clams found elsewhere, and have more succulent bodies. This modern recipe uses Arab spicing to make a hot dip or sauce. Serve with plenty of fresh bread to mop up the delicious juices!

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You can use almost any firm-fleshed fish for this Spanish influenced dish, provided that it is perfectly fresh. The fish is 'cooked' by the action of the acidic lime juice. Adjust the amount of chilli according to your taste.

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Morcilla Frita - Fried Black Pudding

Spanish morcilla - black pudding - is the first sausage to be made from the freshly killed pig and is very popular throughout Spain. It is flavored with spices and herbs, usually including garlic and oregano, and has a wonderfully rich, spicy taste.

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Barbecued Mini Ribs

These tasty ribs are known as Costillas in Spain. They are delicious cooked on a barbecue and almost as good when cooked under a hot grill. If you prefer a sweeter flavor, use freshly squeezed orange juice instead of the sweet sherry.

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Crisp Shrimp Fritters

I have eaten these crisp, delicious shrimp fritters only in Andalusia, where deep-frying reigns supreme. They are at their best when made with chickpea flour, but regular flour is just OK.

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Foie Toast with Jamon Iberico

This extraordinary and Special Ham deserves its own space. The Jamon Iberico it's exclusive from Spain. Iberian hogs are born, fed and raised in the south and northwest of Spain.

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Spanish tapas - easy recipes

The best recipes for spanish tapas.In the Mediterranean diet it is typical to begin the food with succulent starters to open up the appetite. Either in complete portions or in half rations - the famous ‘tapas’ – appetizers are usually served before the food. Of the endless variety of starters that is possible to find - there is not town that doesn't have his own - we introduce a selection that we believe you will really enjoy.

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Similar to a traditional tomato gazpacho but richer and smoother, this delightful cold soup is typical of the Cordoba table. In Cordoba, they use dried country-style bread; plain rolls will also work.

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Oriental Gazpacho

This dish demonstrates how each chef can put his own unique stamp on a gazpacho recipe. This particular gazpacho has distinctively Eastern undercurrents, as evidenced by the use of soy sauce, lo mein noodles, and rice vinegar. Not surprisingly, this blending of cultures yields delicious results!

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