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Spanish Christmas Gifts

Christmas is approaching, and you're facing the usual question: What should I buy him (or her)? Well, we've got some ideas...

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Christmas in Spain

Christmas in Spain is quite a treat - the action gears up in mid-December and doesn't stop until January 6.

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Spanish Christmas Sweets

Spain's gastronomic wealth comes to its pinnacle at Christmas time. It is a time for parties and celebrations, and also for big meals with, of course, typical Christmas sweets.

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Spanish Christmas menu

We have put together a menu for Christmas Eve dinner, Spanish-style. It has several courses and includes tapas or appetizers, as well as dessert and coffee or after-dinner drinks.

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Turron from Jijona

Made for centuries in the Alicante town of the same name, Jijona turrón, with is characteristic golden colour and soft texture, has become one of the most typical Christmas desserts

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Spanish Turron

During the Christmas Celebrations almost everyone has tried with delight the turrones and all the very different varieties; undoubtely turrón is intimately linked to the Christmas season in Spain

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Huesos de Santo - Saint's Bones

Despite the odd name, huesos de santo or "saint's bones" are delicious treats. The Spanish traditionally eat them on November 1st, All Saints Day.

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Saintly Sweets - Traditional Spanish Confections of All Saint’s Day

All Saint’s Day, is a Spanish holiday that’s celebrated on November 1st. As with many holidays, one thing remains constant: the consumption of traditional sweets hailing the arrival of this event

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Bunuelos de Viento Recipe - Light-as-Air Spanish Fritters

As the name implies, these "bunuelos" are light and fluffy, and melt in your mouth. They are perfect for an afternoon snack or dessert and are a typical Spanish dessert.

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Panellets - Catalan almond sweets

“Panellets” are a traditional sweet from Cataluña, prepared for “Dia de Todos los Santos” or All Saints Day and served with moscatel or “cava,” Spanish sparkling wine.

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Navarra, the taste is found in variety

It is said that taste is found in variety and of all Spanish regions, the Autonomous Region of Navarra has the most varied landscape.

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Ajo Blanco

A white version of gazpacho, made with almonds and garlic. One of the most refreshing starters you can find on Spanish Cuisine...

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Spanish Orange Cake

Orange cake is a typical recipe from Valencia, where the best oranges are produced. Orange cake is very easy to prepare, and will become an instant success when you offer it to your family or guests!

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Castilla-Leon, modern cuisine, roasts and much more

Castilla-Leon is the largest of the Spanish Autonomous Regions. It is comprised of nine provinces which share flavours and tastes but conserve their own traditions

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Gildas (Anchovy, olive and guindilla skwewers)

Gilda means lollipop, and the classic Gilda is a simple assembly of a guindilla (Spanish chile pepper), an anchovy and an olive

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