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Spain-recipes, as its name says, is devoted to offer you the best selection of Spanish recipes, along with a careful selection of ingredients to match.

If you're looking for authentic paella recipe, or the real sangria, Spanish tapas, or even the true gazpacho, look no further! You'll be able to find them all on spain-recipes! Is that all? Certainly not. In the Mediterranean area, there is no good meal without its complements: wine, olive oil, ‘tapas’, and so on. All this can also be found at spain-recipes.com, as well as the best cookbooks and kitchenware, in order to provide you with a unique experience in the Mediterranean diet.

Thanks for your visit, and enjoy your Spanish experience!

Recent Articles

  1. Saintly Sweets - Traditional Spanish Confections of All Saint’s Day

    Oct 26, 14 06:47 AM

    All Saint’s Day, is a Spanish holiday that’s celebrated on November 1st. As with many holidays, one thing remains constant: the consumption of traditional sweets hailing the arrival of this event

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  2. Bunuelos de Viento Recipe - Light-as-Air Spanish Fritters

    Oct 26, 14 06:43 AM

    As the name implies, these "bunuelos" are light and fluffy, and melt in your mouth. They are perfect for an afternoon snack or dessert and are a typical Spanish dessert.

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  3. Panellets - Catalan almond sweets

    Oct 26, 14 06:31 AM

    “Panellets” are a traditional sweet from Cataluña, prepared for “Dia de Todos los Santos” or All Saints Day and served with moscatel or “cava,” Spanish sparkling wine.

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  4. Huesos de Santo - Saint's Bones

    Oct 26, 14 06:16 AM

    Despite the odd name, huesos de santo or "saint's bones" are delicious treats. The Spanish traditionally eat them on November 1st, All Saints Day.

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  5. Navarra, the taste is found in variety

    Oct 10, 14 12:12 PM

    It is said that taste is found in variety and of all Spanish regions, the Autonomous Region of Navarra has the most varied landscape.

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  6. Ajo Blanco

    Oct 10, 14 12:04 PM

    A white version of gazpacho, made with almonds and garlic. One of the most refreshing starters you can find on Spanish Cuisine...

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